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Why Do You Need Wires in a Wireless Age?

Strengthen Your Home Automation System with Wired Connections

Why Do You Need Wires in a Wireless Age?

Wireless technology is all the rage right now, streamlining installations and connecting your smart home devices without cables getting in the way. But relying on your Wi-Fi for your home automation system can be very risky. If your Internet service goes out, you lose the functionality of your technology, and it creates security risks weak points that put your network in danger.

Read on to learn why wired connections are still essential for your New York City home’s automation system.


Fewer Components, More Reliability

There’s a lot of technology required to make a device wireless, which means there’s more that can go wrong over time. By comparison, wiring requires a cable and a connector, and while running cable may take some extra time to install, it provides far more reliable service that will last longer.

The essential parts of your home automation system should use wires to ensure that there's always a connection when you need it. You want a system that is built to last, and rapidly changing wireless technology creates headaches for the future. Will your Wi-Fi configuration work in five years? Will your access points? You’ll probably need to replace those elements, but a wired connection is proven to withstand the test of time.


Stationary Technology Doesn’t Need Wireless Connectivity

When it comes to stationary technology like wall-mounted televisions, in-wall speakers, thermostats, and light switches, there’s no need to go wireless because cords aren’t prohibiting any sort of movement.

A wireless access point can only handle a certain number of devices. Reach that maximum number and you need more access points. If you want to stream 4K video and high-performance audio, that’s going to put some significant strain on your wireless network and have a detrimental effect on your device’s performance.


Wires Boost Your Security

Even with network encryption, your Wi-Fi is vulnerable to cybercriminals who can take advantage of your smart technology to gain access to your server. The more wireless connections you have, the higher the risk, but a wired connection gives you greater security.

When it comes to physical safety, wireless connections can compromise your home. Broad spectrum RF jammers can be used by intruders to shut down wireless signals, which creates a big problem if that’s how your devices communicate. If you rely on motion sensors and security cameras to protect your home, you don’t want someone disrupting their operations and leaving you in the dark during an emergency.

The best way to ensure that you have a strong, secure home automation system is with a professional installation from the experts at Electronic Lifestyles, who will create the ideal configuration of wired and wireless elements so all of your technology functions smoothly. To learn more, reach out to one of our experts at 718-706-6835 or by filling out our online form.


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